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  • 1 Natural science and law in one full service law firm. +

    Industrial property law is at the borderline between technology and law, that is to say that the attorney, working for clients in this area, must have substantial technological and legal knowledge. Only with this combination, an efficient protection of innovations against imitations can be attained. As attorneys at law and patent attorneys we are competent in the respective laws as well as in natural science and technology. We are happy to support you and to give you advice for the Mehr lesen
  • 2. The subjects of the industrial property rights +

    The laws of industrial property, of competition and of copyright belong to the laws of economics and business and therefore are mainly classified as part of the private law. The following laws are considered to be part of the industrial property rights: Patent Law Trademark Law Design Model Law Semiconductor Protection Law Plant Variety Protection Law According to these laws, the protection of industrial property applies to the following subjects: if protection for an industrially usable idea is sought: in Mehr lesen
  • a) Patents and Utility Models +

    For industrially usable inventions it is possible to apply for a patent or a utility model. The subject may be technical inventions, i.e. the results of a creative process in the technical fields. The results of intellectual work in other fields - literature, music, performing arts, mathematics, mercantile methods or commercial or business methods - cannot be protected by a patent or a utility model. Those intellectual work products may be protected by the copyright law. The second important requirement of the Mehr lesen
  • b) Trademarks +

    According to the Trademark law, the following can be protected: reproductions of a product, letters, numbers, auditory signs, three-dimensional appearances including the packaging of a product, other "getups" including colours and combinations of colours. According to the trademark law, the nature of a trademark is defined by its distinctiveness", i.e. by the ability to differentiate goods and services of an enterprise from those of other enterprises. The protection by a trademark is not exclusively connected to the application and registration. Mehr lesen
  • c) Design Model Law +

    The design model law has similarities to the copyright law. Art designs can also be protected by a design model insofar as the requirements of the design model law are met. The design model law has in common with the trademark law, the patent law and the utility model law the fact that it is directed to the protection of an commercial activities. With the copyright law the design model law is connected by the protection of an individual, aesthetic Mehr lesen
  • d) Copyright law +

    Subject of the copyright law is the protection of the intellectual product visible to and conceivable for the public. The author should participate in an appropriate manner in the commercial utilization of his creation. The copyright law protects the works of literature, science and art. The protection begins by law as soon as a tangible design is present and the requirements of the law are met. This does not depend on the publication or the release of the creation for Mehr lesen
  • e) Competition Law +

    The law on competition comprises the law against unfair competition (UWG) and the law against limitations on competition(GWB). Employees, suppliers, competitors are intended to be protected by these laws against improper behaviour. In addition, the market-based competition shall be secured in the interest of the general public.  Mehr lesen
  • f) Employed Inventors Law +

    The inventions made by the employees also belong to the innovations of a company. In Germany, they are called "inventions of employees". The respective employed-inventors law is a speciality of the German law. Employers and employees have to meet a variety of obligations in this sector, some of which are described hereinafter. If an employee has made an invention, he is obliged to report his invention to his employer. The invention report must meet certain requirements. For example a suggestion Mehr lesen
  • g) Procedural Law and General Civil Law +

    Concerning the general civil law, we advise mainly in the area of contract law, in the fields of the industrial property protection in particular concerning the drafting and negotiation of licence agreements In addition, we advise in the fields of web law, in particular including the rights of E-Commerce, but also the rights of domain names.   Mehr lesen
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